Apple's WWDC Fails to Impress, Crypto Market Reevaluates AI Investments

Paul Baron and Jackie Dutton discuss the impact of Apple's recent WWDC on the cryptocurrency market, particularly AI-focused tokens.

Apple's Lackluster Announcements

  • The event lacked major breakthroughs, with many features being long overdue additions for iPhone users.
  • Apple partnered with OpenAI for their AI integration, surprising some who expected a more innovative approach.
  • The "Tap to Cash" feature was seen as a closed ecosystem play, potentially hindering crypto adoption.

Crypto Market Reaction

  • The underwhelming WWDC announcements might have contributed to a slight dip in AI crypto prices.
  • However, Jackie Dutton believes there's still room for growth in this sector, emphasizing real-world use cases.
  • The rise of Web3 phones with features like airdrops could potentially challenge Apple's dominance.

Elon Musk and the Saga Phone

  • Elon Musk's comments hinting at a Tesla phone with a focus on data collection sparked discussion.
  • Jackie Dutton considers such a phone a potential competitor to Apple, attracting users who value data ownership.

Future of AI and Crypto

  • The future of AI tokens might lie in the gaming sector, where integration seems more natural.
  • Coinbase's Base chain's success against Solana highlights the importance of user-friendly experiences.
  • Celebrity endorsements in crypto, like Iggy Azalea's upcoming token, raise questions about long-term value.


Apple's WWDC failed to excite investors seeking major advancements in AI. While the crypto market might be reevaluating AI investments, there's still potential for growth in sectors with proven use cases. Web3 phones and user-friendly platforms like Coinbase Base could disrupt established players, while celebrity involvement in crypto remains a point of debate.

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