What is Bitcoin halving and how will it impact prices?

When the first halving took place, its price went to $230. In 2016 when Halving happened, the price of BTC reached $650. And when it was halved in 2020, its price went to 8821 i.e. a sudden boom. comes into this and the reason is that the miners are halving. The reward is given to them and it is halved. You just understand that Afraad Jar To control that output which Rewards that profit miners receive is halved due to which Bitcoin price increases because friends, the market is the supply. And if it depends on the demand then the demand is there.

A lot of BTC supply from behind will be reduced because its reward will be halved. What will happen if it is given that people have the price of bitcoins in their hands It will increase in itself, Can friends when Satosh Naga in 2008 Moti published the white paper of Bitcoin When given, he told that 21 There will be no more than a million bitcoins That is, in the cryptocurrency market BTC which is more than 21 million you Cannot publish or issue This was his limit and the reason for this was so that In a limited and limited supply market.

Yes brother, what if it won't be more than this? 

It will happen that wherever the supply is limited, the market principle is that supply and since it works on demand, supply will be less. And if there is more demand for that thing then The price of BTC will increase exactly like this. The price also increases for the same reason because demand is high and supply is less so for this reason we priced it at $60000. Also seen for $70000 but nowadays, then it is 35 36.

The reason why it is running at 37000 is that The supply from behind is a limited one there is supply, not that The cages are not going exactly like this. No, halving happens every four years. What happens in the halving is that the miners when people who do mining Enter 2100 blocks into the blockchain If so, then the money they get in return for that reward is halved i.e. first

If you used to get Rs then now you will get Rs by doing so, I paid half of what was due. It is obvious that when miners mine will reduce the price in the Bitcoin market If demand comes then there will be a market for it anyway Its price will increase in 2008 2009 When Bitcoin mining started formally and the first halving which took place in 2012 The first reward given to miners was That was $25 i.e. 210000 blocks to solve. After entering it in the block chain The reward he was given later was $25. Then in 2016 when he similarly raised 210000 Solve blocks and entered the blockchain If they did so, the reward given to them was $25. by halving i.e. $25 was given and it was halved in 2020 Majid reduced this reward to 625 Gone now the hall which is going to happen in 2024 halving, its price has been reduced to Rs 31. This way miners will be given more work will have to do and the reward they will get in return.

What will happen if they get less reward?

Friends crypto will increase in the market some events in the world have a lot of weight holding and halving of BTC a Lot. If it is a big event then if you have made money from BTC If you want to earn and you have some knowledge you should buy BTC right now. This trend started since last few days you guys must have seen that BTC came at 16000 then increased to 23 24000, then to $27000 and nowadays it is booming at $3000 as 2024 approaches BTC is gone today.

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